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“Hey, you said you like motorcycles right?” This is not real life he’s actually going to ask me to ride his motorcycle “Well would you like to ride one?” Oh my god this is not happening how do I sound excited but not crazy “YES I WOULD LOVE TO!” I think that was appropriate. I follow him outside, past the lawn and I watch him disappear into a shed. I don’t even really know this guy what if it’s a ploy to get me alone and he’s going to murder me what if this is the end for me what have I got myself into, wait nevermind, the shed is full of motorcycles and a boat I think I’m safe for now.

“This one is mine.” he points to a sleek black bike. “It’s beautiful.” I say. “Which helmet would you like” he is modeling them for me now, one has bald eagles on it and the other is black with the word gangster written across the back. I choose the gangster one. He’s telling me how I need to lean with him when he turns and to not put my feet down until he says to. I’m still fumbling with the helmet, he laughs “Here, I’ll help you.” He brushes the hair out of my face and clips it with ease. I think I’m in love. He sits down and looks at me expectantly. I sit down behind him, “Okay hold on tight” I slip my hands around his waist and hope he can’t feel me shaking. The engine revs and we lurch forward past the gravel and onto the street.

We drive slowly down the road, the breeze feels good on my skin and the moon is full and bright. We take a turn and pick up speed, faster and faster. I hold on to him a little tighter and rest my head on his back. I’m watching the countryside flash by content as can be.

I don’t even notice us stop. “This is weird.” he says. “What’s wrong?” my voice shakes with concern. “This light isn’t changing to green.” I laugh at myself for worrying about everything and tell him to just go. “That’s illegal! I don’t want to get a ticket!” I look up at the stoplight and notice the cameras but whisper again “Go, it will be an adventure.”

He presses the gas cautiously and we are moving again, picking up speed, hair flowing in the wind, laughing without a care in the world into the night

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