Maybe I’m sad because it’s late or maybe I’m sad because it’s dark. Truth is, it doesn’t matter so much why. How am I supposed to sleep tonight when all I crave is to be wrapped in your arms, safe and warm. In the morning you would still be holding me and we would open our eyes to greet the world at the same moment. You would smile and kiss me lightly on the cheek and close your eyes as if you were saying five more minutes. We could be happy. We could be together and happy. I would make us breakfast and put cream and sugar in your coffee. You would take a sip and your beautiful brown eyes would look at me longingly as if you were saying let’s go back to bed. But I can’t make you love me and I’ll go to sleep alone tonight; craving you.  

A drunken kiss

It’s dark and the music is loud. A stranger’s hands are wrapped around your waist, you’re dancing and laughing but you don’t really know about what. You feel the hands trying to spin you around and you follow their lead. You’re looking into the stranger’s crystal blue eyes and you know what’s going to happen next. You close your eyes and you feel his lips against yours and his tongue making it’s way into your mouth. Your tongues are dancing to the beat of the music. Everything is perfect, yet it’s nothing because in the morning you will still be alone.